Clinical services

COPE offers a number of treatment options on an outpatient basis.  Treatments offered include individual and/or group psychotherapy, family support and education, and medication consultations.  All services provided are free of charge, with the exception of any medications that may be prescribed. 

Treatment at COPE is optional.  Some people who come to COPE already have a doctor elsewhere, wait to begin treatment, or choose not to pursue treatment at all.  This choice has no effect on their status as research participants—they receive the same evaluations and opportunities as the patients in treatment.  

We recognize that changes in thoughts and feelings can be very confusing and even frightening.  Our research clinic provides an opportunity for young people and their families to get help from mental health professionals and learn how to handle these upsetting changes.  The staff at COPE is comprised of M.D.s, Ph.D.s, and MSWs, who work as a team in order to incorporate a variety of perspectives on the unique issues facing each patient.

COPE is proud to be located at a university hospital and to include medical residents, psychology interns, and social work interns as supervised clinical staff. 

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Clinical services
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