What to expect at COPE

Participation in COPE begins with a specialized and thorough evaluation, including detailed interviews and neuropsychological testing.  This includes tests of sensory perception and brain imaging.  Participants also have the opportunity to be involved in other studies that include brain imaging and genetics, and open-ended interviews.  Participants are compensated in cash for all research participation. 

COPE offers a variety of clinical services for participants in the study.  Click here to view the treatment options.

COPE re-evaluates participants every three months for four years.  Our goal is to understand people as they grow and change over time.  For this reason, we touch base with our participants regularly, whether or not they choose to come in for treatment.  Follow-up appointments are relatively brief but are important for monitoring each person’s well-being.  

COPE understands that making the decision to go for a psychological evaluation can be difficult.  Many who come to our clinic are seeking help for the first time and worry that they will be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis rather than treated as a unique person.  The treatment team at COPE is well aware of this concern and is dedicated to the consideration of each person as a whole, with his or her distinctive hopes, worries, strengths and needs.

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